The Trump and His Hair Make a Pit Stop by The Rage Cage

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and his accompanying hair made a brief stop from their normal campaign trail to visit the gamers on The Rage Cage servers. The two played with PJthePlayer, admin for The Rage Cage servers and community, on the custom map Defence on Killing Floor 2. Donald Trump played as a level 14 Support and his hair was, not surprisingly, a level 25 Berserker.

We knew our servers were great, but now we know they are Presidential.

Donald Trump and His Hair on Killing Floor 2
Donald Trump and his hair are ready for some ZEDs

We thank Mr. Trump and his hair for gracing us with their presence and we wish them the best on the campaign! We would also like to request that, if Trump does win the election, to not impose a Dosh tax at the trader.

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