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We are gamers. We provide high quality, low ping and
low latency gaming servers to the community for free.

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About Us

Welcome to The Rage Cage! We’re an open gaming community and have been hosting game servers for the public since September 2009. Several younger groups have disrespectfully assumed the same or similar names over the years. Check our founded date. We’re the originals.

We do our best to keep all the latest custom maps available and to keep griefers, cheaters and other undesirables off our servers at all times. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to report any offensive or cheating players on any of our servers.

Want us to host a server for your favorite game? Interested in becoming a Rage Cage administrator? Let us know!

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Barrier Free TeamSpeak Access

The Rage Cage has been offering high quality services to the gaming community since 2009. We continue to do so with additional services that have been added throughout the years. …

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Make The Rage Cage Great Again

We are proud to bring back the website for The Rage Cage servers and community. While The Rage Cage has hosted dedicated servers for some time now, the website portion …